Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year and thereafter, all first-time-in-college (FTIC) baccalaureate seeking students entering a State University System (SUS) institution must demonstrate civic literacy by satisfying the State of Florida’s, civic literacy requirement.
Each ALEKS exam costs $15 (a non-FIU fee). The University Testing Center’s proctoring fee of $10 for the ALEKS exam has been waived. All ALEKS attempts must be proctored.

The University Testing Center offers a variety of exams for undergraduate and graduate students at Florida International University and the local south Florida community. Testing services are provided at both the Modesto Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus.

The Center administers the CLEP, TEAS, PERT, FLATS, Senior Assessment, HESI, LSAT, SAT, ACCUPLACER and various other professional evaluations. In addition to providing make-up exams, proctoring services are also provided for individualized distance learning exams.

Important Information

Free CLEP-Prep Courses Available Online

A series of free, online, prep courses in select CLEP subjects is now available through the Modern States Education Alliance. These courses are taught by college professors and delivered online via the Modern States Website. All the courses are free, as are any required textbooks and other materials.

The CLEP-PREP courses are self-paced, and there are no prerequisites or restrictions on enrolling. Participants do not have to register for a CLEP exam, however, to earn college credit upon completion of the course, participants must take the corresponding exam and achieve a qualifying score (CLEP-notes, 2016). Always consult with your Academic Advisor prior to taking a CLEP exam.

A prep course for every CLEP exam is now available.

To learn more and sign up, visit the Modern States Course Catalog
To Sign up for a CLEP exam, visit