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FIU Coronavirus AdvisoryVisit our Panthers Protecting Panthers website for more information.

Important Information  

Welcome to the Fall 2020 Semester. In-person testing services will resume with limited availability beginning the week of August. 31st 2020. Learn more about CTCC's virtual remote testing center (vRTC) model and check back often as updates occur frequently. Please email at MMC or at BBC with any questions or concerns.


News Alerts

Florida Teacher Certification (FTCE)
NOW AVAILABLE on campus!

TEAS exam
is back on campus!

CLEP exams
are back on campus!

Select exams are now being offered through the Virtual Remote Testing Center: ALEKS Math Placement Assessment; ALEKS Dual Enrollment, Certiport Exams, Civic Literacy (CIV 2222); Firefighter Exam, FLATS; and the PERT.

The FIU Virtual Remote Testing Center is committed to administering our remote exams, safely, and securely, using third-party solutions. For more information on virtual remote testing click here.

You may have recently received a message that your CIV 2222 Florida Civic Literacy Test course has transitioned to a Delayed On-Campus Start (DOCS) for the fall semester. We wanted to clarify that CIV 2222 will still be administered online through Canvas for the duration of the semester. The course will not require that you come to campus at any time during the fall semester. The Delayed On-Campus Start (DOCS) is referring to the availability of the in-person Florida Civic Literacy Test at FIU’s Center for Testing and Career Certification - Modesto Maidique and Biscayne Bay Campuses.

Currently, the Florida Civic Literacy Test is available remotely through our virtual remote testing center (vRTC) or through an approved testing facility as described here. Once DOCS classes resume on campus, then the option to take the in-person Florida Civic Literacy Test will be available for students at FIU’s Center for Testing and Career Certification. The remote testing option will remain available throughout the fall semester.