The University Testing Center supports students’ cost-to-degree, time-to-degree, and time-to-employment by providing examinations and resources that assist with academic and professional advancement. The Center serves the assessment needs of students and the overall community by subscribing to the Professional Standards and Guidelines established by the National College Testing Association.

The University Testing Center:

  • Administers exams used to determine initial course placement
  • Helps students satisfy their program admission testing requirements
  • Refers students to appropriate resources for test preparation
  • Serves as the primary liaison for outside testing agencies and institutions
  • Makes national and professional examinations available to university students and the local community
  • Facilitates the testing needs of distance learning students
  • Provides a suitable testing environment for students with special needs
  • Serves the community by providing exams that meet the needs of business and industry
  • Strives to continually maintain best testing practices and standards